First Impression Friday’s / Super Collagen Mask by Mario Bodescu

It’s Friday ! It has been a while since I did first impression Friday’s so I thought it was time I do another one. ?
Today I’m trying Super Collagen mask by Mario Bodescu.

I had heard many good things about the skin care line by Mario Bodescu. However getting your hands on products is hard in Canada and not many stores carry the skin care line. Of course you can order online but the dollar is not so great and you always have to pay for shipping. So while shopping for some Christmas presents (but also secretly buying for myself ) I stumbled upon some Mario Bodescu products at Anthropologie. Major a score! They had nice selection of products to buy from but I decided on the Super Collagen Mask. The word collagen always gets me !

IMG_3063About the product

This mask is clay based mask designed to tighten and purify skin. The collagen will help with firming and toning sensitive skin while soothing oatmeal helps reduce redness and irritation.
Ingredients: deionized water, kaolin, collagen, sorbitol, oatmeal, propylene glycol, talc, seamollient, zinc oxide, wheat.

If you didn’t know collagen is a main structural protein in our bodies and as we age we tend to loose a lot of it. So when a product says it has collagen ingredients I’m all over it! I absolutely love this mask. It does exactly what it promises and at $18.00 you can’t go wrong! Also it has few ingredients, that I can actually pronounce!


IMG_3061How to use

I apply this mask after I have cleansed my skin leave it for 20 min and then wash it with the wet cloth. After I apply my moisturizer. If you have ever tried a clay masks then you know that once they dry you won’t be able to move your face, so learn from me and don’t attempt to eat food while using this mask. Don’t say I didn’t warn you !
All in all this product gets the thumbs up from me and I can’t wait to keep using it to see long term results .
Have you tried any products from the Mario Bodescu line? Let me know down below ???



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