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FIX IT 2-in-1 prime & conceal by Dior

It’s time for another FIF’s (first impression Friday’s), and this Friday I’m talking about Dior’s new product called FIX IT primer and concealer all in one.

FIX IT 2-in-1 prime and conceal is meant to be used on the face, eyes and lips, to prime and conceal skin imperfections. Fix It is also designed to smooth out any pores and fine lines as well conceal any dark pigmentation around the eyes. Even though I’m all about multipurpose products, I am not sure that this product nails it.

My first impression was that it was very drying. Keep in mind that my skin is naturally dry, but it seemed to have not helped that.

I first used it as a concealer, before applying a foundation. I applied the product under my eyes and around the nose and lips since that’s where I need more coverage. After letting it set, I realized that it didn’t really wow me all that much. I got #2, which is medium, but it’s too dark for my skin. It definitely did not cover all my skin imperfections and the more I applied, the more caky it became. I then tried using the product as an eye primer and a lip primer as well, but it only made everything drier. The primer in it didn’t seem to work on my skin. I really wanted to like this product since it is a great idea and it had the best intentions. It did not however meet my high expectations, considering it’s 40$ price tag!

All in all, it is worth a try, depending on your skin type. Feel free to leave a comment below.
I’d love to hear what you thought of this product and how your experience went!
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