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Cute Clown / Halloween edition

Halloween always ends up sneaking up on me. At the beginning of the month I always have grand ideas for a complicated costume, but as usual the time gets the best of me and I end up scrambling last minute for a costume! Last year I went as pop art zombie. Which was actually harder then I originally thought but it turned out alright.


This year I decided to do something simple and easy and anyone can do it. I saw Chrisspys’ tutorial on a “Gangster Clown” and absolutely loved it (you should definitely check her channel on YouTube!) I used different products since I didn’t have the products she used, so you can use whatever you have in your makeup bag.

 I used Stila liquid liner and black eyeshadow from Mac (carbon) for all the black parts. For lipstick I chose Russian Red by Mac outlined with black kohl liner (any brand will do).


The lashes are by Velour Lashes called “Oh, No They Didn’t”.


And that’s about it folks! No special paint or complicated art, just a steady hand and some patience. If all else fails you can always just get some cat ears and call it a day! Happy Halloween! Let me know what your going to be this Halloween! ?


The wig










The ears

And even more ideas!

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